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1:1 Coaching 

What is 1:1 mindfulness coaching?


Mindfulness coaching is the opportunity to experience a 1:1 mindfulness practice led by a mindfulness facilitator. You will be led through a practice an inquiry session and then provided with a customizable home practice program and weekly check-ins to help cultivate your mindfulness practice. 



Why sign up for 1:1 mindfulness coaching?

Mindfulness coaching will offer accountability and support for four weeks. You will be provided with customizable tools to help you work through what is getting in your way of practicing mindfulness or to help you further develop your current practice.  



Is this program for you? 


  • You want to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into your life but believe you are bad at meditating or can’t meditate. 

  • You need accountability and someone to motivate you to “take a seat.”

  • You have previous experience practicing mindfulness and are interested in expanding your practice.

  • You are curious about mindfulness and want to enhance well-being through research-based secular scientific mindfulness practices. 



What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is paying attention on purpose to whatever is arising in the present moment. Embodying mindfulness is bringing awareness when the mind wanders and redirecting it back to the place of attention—paying attention to the sensations, emotions, and thoughts arising moment to moment without attaching a story or meaning to it. 

Research has suggested that mindfulness can help:

  • enhance social-emotional regulation

  • reduce stress and stress reaction

  • reduce rumination and ease anxiety

  • Help with sleeping issues 

  • increase focus and attention 

  • improving high-order thinking skills



How does mindfulness coaching work? 


  • Each coaching package includes 4 weekly sessions and is an investment of $250.

  • Sessions are one hour, facilitated online through zoom, and are currently offered during the evening and on weekends. 

  • Each coaching session includes guided mindfulness practice, inquiry, and a wrap discussion to go over the home practice. 

  • Once you have signed up, you will receive a welcome package with all the information you need to prepare for your first session.

  • For each session, you will need a quiet private space where you can sit in a chair or lie on a mat during practice.