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1:1 Mindfulness Coaching 

" Cultivate Mindfulness: Personalized coaching for daily practice "

What is 1:1 mindfulness coaching?


Experience personalized mindfulness coaching with a facilitator who will guide you through a practice, inquiry session, and provide a home practice program.


Get the accountability and support you need to cultivate your mindfulness practice and overcome obstacles. Customizable tools will be provided after each session to help you develop and improve your practice. 


Is this program for you? 


  • Struggling to find your meditation groove? Our program is perfect for beginners who want to incorporate mindfulness into their lives but think they can't meditate.

  • Need a little extra motivation to keep up with your practice? We'll keep you accountable and motivated to "take a seat" with personalized coaching.

  • Experienced in mindfulness and want to take your practice to the next level? Our program is tailored to meet your unique needs and help you expand your practice.

  • Curious about mindfulness and want to experience the benefits for yourself? Join us and discover how research-based secular scientific mindfulness practices can enhance your well-being.

What to except from mindfulness coaching? 

  • Enjoy the convenience of online coaching sessions on Zoom, scheduled for evenings and weekends to fit your busy lifestyle.

  • Each 45 minute session includes guided mindfulness practice, personal inquiry, and a wrap-up discussion to help you improve your home practice.

  • We'll send you a welcome package with everything you need to know to prepare for your first session.

  • Find a quiet and private space to sit in a chair or lie on a mat during each session and get ready to unlock your full potential through mindfulness.

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