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Knowing when you have slipped out of your window of tolerance during practice is important. Having awareness about this will help bring you back 

Sometimes when we are busy throughout the day, we forget to stop and notice how we are feeling. Take a moment in your day to practice the mindful SEAT.

Try this mindful activity commonly used in MBSR. Place your pencil on the page only once, and draw four straight lines that pass through all nine dots without lifting your pencil from the page.

During a formal mindfulness practice, you are asked to recognize, pay attention to, and trace your experience that showed up during the meditation. Use this cheat sheet to help! 

During stressful moments or anxious times. You can use these five things to help redirect your attention.

Sometimes we ignore our basic needs when we are too busy, such as being hungry or tired—taking a few moments to notice these things can help you make better decisions.

Interested in a fun way to be intentional with your formal/informal practices? Download this mindful bingo activity sheet! 

Need something to focus on for a bit. Mindful oloring is a great way to refrain from your focus and have some fun! 

Mindfulness is a powerful tool that can help you create a more positive outlook on life. It is an evidence-based practice that can help you reduce stress and improve your overall wellbeing. Through mindfulness, you can learn to become more present in the moment and gain greater insight into your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. With regular practice, you can cultivate greater self-awareness and gain a greater understanding of how your thoughts and emotions affect your overall wellbeing. Mindfulness can help you create more meaningful connections with yourself and others, as well as help you build greater resilience and well-being.

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